12 May 2010

Stat Internet on PC wia China mobile


STEP 1: Install mobile driver.
-> connect your mobile with usb cable.
-> your mobile will ask for what you want to connect?
-> in the selection menu select "Com Port" option
-> after few second your computer will display "Found new hardware" window. just close it.
-> open system properties (shortcut = [win] + [pause-break] )
-> then goto "Hardware" tab and click on "Device Manager" button. it will open device

-> in the device manager you can see any uncknown device with yellow question mark with your

mobile(device) name.
-> right click on it and the select "Update Driver" option.
-> in the "Hardware Update wizard" select second radion button(install froma a list or

specified location) and click on "Next" button.
-> select ckeck box of "include this location in search location" and click on "Brows"

-> then set the path to where the mobile drive is exist(i.e. "USB_Modem_Driver" folder) and

click on "Next" button.
-> then "Hardware update wizard" will display sucessfull message.

STEP 2: create(install) modem driver.
-> Goto control panel and open "Phone and Modem Options". it will ask you your city and

country code if you are doing it first time. fill up it.
-> then click on "Modems" tab.
-> then click on "Add" button to add new modem to PC.
-> it will open "Add Hardware Wizard".
-> check the check box of "Don't detect my modem; i will select it from list". and click on

"Next" button.
-> it will display all available modems in the PC. Here you will find button "Have DISK...".

Click on "Have Disk..." button.
-> then in the "Install from Disk" wizard click on "Browse" button and set the path to modem

driver (i.e. "USB_Modem_Driver" folder). select the file "MTK GPRS USB Modem.ini" file and

click on "Open" button
-> then click on "Next" button in the "Add Hardware Wizard".
-> then select your com port (note: here you have to select the port# which is your mobile

port#. which can be find in "Device Manager".
-> after selecting the port click on "Next" button.
-> it will display pessage like "successfully installed new modem".

-> after installing the modem driver double click on newly installed modem(i.e. MTK GPRS SUB

Modem) to open its properties.
-> in the modem properties click on "Advance" tab.
-> here you can find blank text box for extra initialization command.
-> here you have to type appropriate modem code.
for example in the Airtel>> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","airtelfun.com","",0,0
-> to query modem click on the "query modem" button from "Diagnostics" tab.

STEP 3: Create new Dial-up connection
-> goto control panel and double click on "Network connecion".
-> after opening Network Connection goto File menu and click on New Connection.
-> It will opens a new connection wizard.
-> Click on Next Button
-> Then select first Option(Radio button) called "Connect to the internet" and click on Next

-> Then select second Option(Radio button) called "Set up my connection Manually" and click

on Next Button.
-> Then select first Option(Radio button) called "Connect using a Dial-up modem" and click

on Next.
-> [NOTE] if you have installed more than one modems as step 1 process it will ask you to

select the modem which you want to use....so select the newly installed modem..and click on

Next Button..[[[[IF IT ASKED.]]]]
->Then Type ISP Name any one you want as the connection Name and click on Next Button.....
->Then type *99# in the Phone Number text box and click on Next Button.
->Then leave user name & password blank and click on Next Button.
-> Then checked the check box of "Add shortcut to this connection to my desktop" if you

-> Then Click on Finish Button.

STEP 4: Set your browser to use manual ip address.
Normally opera is useful to serf all types of web site (mobile/pc) so here i will explain

the process of set proxy/ip in the browser
-> open opera.
-> select "Prefrence..." option from "Tool" menu. (or [CTRL] + [F12])
-> goto "Advance" tab and click on "Network" option from the left pane.
-> then click on "proxy server" button.
-> then ckeck the first check box (HTTP) and type the ip address and proxy_port no.
for example in the Airtel>> HTTP : port: 8080
-> then click on OK button.
-> then click on OK button in "prefrence" diloge box.

home_p => in.wap.yahoo.com
ip =>
port => 8080
apm => airtelfun.com
modem code=> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","airtelfun.com","",0,0
NOTE => Balance Must betweeb 0.0 to 0.30 (ie. Not equal to zero)

access any website by this code:

ip => auto detect
apn => gprswest.cellone.in
modem code=> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","gprswest.cellone.in","",0,0

ip =>
port => 9201
apn => wapwest.cellone.in
modem code=> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","wapwest.cellone.in","",0,0

home_p => wap.rworld.co.in
ip =>
port => 8080
apn => rcomwap
modem code=> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","rcomwap","",0,0

ip => autodetect
port => 8080
apn => tata.docomo.internet
modem code=> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","tata.docomo.internet","",0,0


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