11 July 2010

Install Redhat LINUX Shell on Windows platform

here is the link to Download Redhat LINUX Shell....

this version also includes VI editor to write shell scripts...

Installation Steps.....
1. After download this rhsetup.exe (1.5MB) run it.
2. Then click on next button
3. Then Select 1st option i.e. Install From Internet.
4. Then write the root directory location to where you want to install Linux Shell. then click on Next button.
5. Then write Local Package directory to store downloaded files.
6. Then select your Internet connection type.
7. After some time it will show you Avilable download sites...
8. click on Next button in will find packages to install
9. then select option "Curr" for most Recommonded packages installation... and click on Next button.
10. After all downloads and installation completed run...  "Cygwin.bat" file from your root directory (set in Step#4)


you have done installation... now Njoy the Linux commands on your windows platform....

(soooon we will uploads full version of this Application i.e. 115MB)...

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