17 January 2012

Get Windows 8 Aero Color Change Feature to Windows 7

Windows 8 automatically detects the background wallpaper color and changes the Aero Glass color intensity according to Wallpaper color intensity. Most applications based on Windows 8 are designed by deviantart users. Aero Adjuster is just another addition to that. This is an app that adds a bit of Windows 8 functionality to Windows 7. It can bring same Windows 8 Aero features in Windows 7 also. It sits in the tray, automatically detects when you change your wallpaper/when it is changed as part of Win 7′s desktop slideshow, and changes the Aero color to fit that wallpaper.

Aero Adjuster is shipped in zip file so you need to extract it and double click on application file to start.

You can Close, Restore Original Aero color and Fit Aero color to wallpaper color from right click option on system tray apps icon. Below you can see the effect on Windows Aero before and after applying the application on Windows 7.


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