09 December 2012

Need for speed : Most Wanted

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is not pretending to be something it isn't and Criterion has made sure that you are very aware of that. It is an arcade racer and an exceptional one at that, nothing else. The developers have done a superb job in polishing this title and making sure that the game is fun. It is a very polished game that looks gorgeous and plays well. Beware though, this game is a graphical powerhouse and unless your system is up to the challenge, you will be hard-pressed to get playable frame-rates from the game. There are very few games that can fulfill your need for speed the way this game does and is, quite surely, a must-play for any racing fanatic out there.

The game has no narrative or story and doesn’t even pretend to have one. You’re given a car, given 10 targets, and then let loose on the road to have fun, race, wreak havoc; whatever takes your fancy. There are over a hundred cars scattered throughout the world and you can drive up to any one of them and take them for a spin. You’re not restricted to any car and if you find it, it’s yours. There is no more of that hierarchy where you go from bad cars to better cars to superlative cars.

 Each car has about six races specifically tailored for its type and you can have fun, competitive racing with any car you like and find. Each race win nets you upgrades that add essential features to your car, such as nitrous or off-road tyres, etc. This focus on pure arcade-style fun even extends to the cut-scenes; every race has an intro that is, from an aesthetic and design stand-point, really cool. They’re not realistic, you’ll see cars floating in the air, or emerging like a growing crystals and it just looks fantastic.

There is a lot to do in this world. Racing past speed cams chalks your name up on a leader board that you and your friends can see and compete against, the same goes for the hoardings that you smash. All these, coupled with the races and police chases net you points that add up, eventually allowing you to take down a “Most Wanted” rival when you get enough points. What sets this game apart from the previous game is the socializing that goes into it. Seeing your friends smash one of your speed records would make you want you to pick yourself up and take back what’s yours.  

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