02 May 2013

Shift Your Business to a Dedicated Server to Boost its ROI

Business growth calls for more online space so that you can have adequate means to run your business smoothly. In order to offer an uninterrupted service to your clients or customers you need to be proactive and make sure that you opt for the best option. This is where managed dedicated servers play a pivotal role.  However choosing one is not that easy a task. In this article we will provide a few tips on how to find a good dedicated server.

The 4 Most Important Things to Focus on While Choosing a Perfect Plan

  1. The very first thing that should be taken into consideration is that whether you are looking for a managed or unmanaged server or hosting. Wondering where’s the difference? Well the prime difference is in an unmanaged server you will get no technical help from the service provider and you will have to keep an eye on the entire thing. On the contrary if you have opted for the service of a managed server the service provider, then you will be able to get professionals help in case of any technical glitches.
  2. Choosing the correct size plays a pivotal role as will. A server that does not offer much space might lead you to trouble when your business flourishes. On the other opting for a server with plenty of space will imply wastage of money. So, entrepreneurs or business honchos need to be circumspect and take the size of their website into consideration before taking the final call.
  3. The operating system is an important thing to consider. It is said that Linux is a better option to go for when it comes to servers. However there is still no valid evidence that can establish its legitimacy. So, one can choose anyone out of Linux and Windows. Even if a Linux based server is attached to a Windows server then too it will function smoothly. Hence, it can be aptly said that choosing an OS is your free will.
  4. One also needs to keep the budget factor in mind because to be candid managed dedicated servers will be costlier. The final or the net cost will however depend on a few things such as the size of the server and the bandwidth you need.  So, those reeling under a strict budget should give a second though to it. Experts however say that such a server will do a world of good to your business.

The Process of Switching over to a Dedicated Server

The process of switching over to a dedicated server is a bit intricate and involves a considerable amount of time. This however can be done by hiring professionals. So once again it needs to be said that the respective entrepreneur should decides whether making such a move will be helpful for the business or not.
On  a concluding note it can be said that even in the backdrop of such a financial turmoil where all businesses are looking to cut on their business expenses, opting for a dedicated server might make you spend some more but will definitely provide you a great return.

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