27 June 2013

What's new in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has come up with improvements instead of new features. The new Windows 8.1 is the result of feedbacks which Microsoft got from users since the launch of Windows 8.
So let see what Microsoft has new to offer.

Lets Start from the Start

There is a good news, now you can boot directly to desktop instead of permanent start screen. Basically you can boot directly to anywhere you want – to All apps screen, individual apps, the start menu. The start Button also returns in new Windows 8.1 but it will take you to Start screen not the old start menu (like in windows 7).
I love Windows 7 because the main issue with Windows 8 is its user interface that feels good only on touchscreen based devices.
Swiping from the start screen brings up all the app and now there are more criteria to sort the app. The start screen can be now customized to more colors and you can now place desktop wallpaper behind the Start screen.

The on-screen Keyboard has some new gestures, now you can slide up from any key that has a number as a secondary key, and the number will be inserted automatically, instead of having to switch to a different panel.
The new Windows 8.1  is more cloud friendly with in-depth integration of  Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive. You can now decide in your apps whether to view files on your PC or on SkyDrive and where to save the files.

Windows 8.1 comes up with new Universal search. Searching any term will display results from them web and from your offline files. The Windows 8.1 Store is totally remodeled, with new lists that makes it easier to find things.
At last comes 3D Printing, Microsoft is partnering with Makerbot, 3D Systems, Form Labs, Autodesk, and several other software and hardware companies to add 3D printing support to 8.1.

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