11 November 2014

10 awesome driving and travelling hacks for drivers.

#1 I see you

But I shouldn't see myself. Got it.

#2 Heat Wave

Now if only you didn't look so stupid while you did this...

#3 Last Drop

How come they don't teach this in driver's ed?

#4 Car Sick

Now if only we all looked that happy when we were car sick.

#5 Naptime

And it only costs $2.

#6 Holster

Yes Officer, this IS hands-free!

#7 Dude, Where's my...

What did we ever do without Google Maps?

#8 Kids Driving You Crazy?

A spot for every stinkin' toy!

#9 Right or Left

Makes too much sense to be that easy.

#10 Audio Upgrade

It's a perfect fit, lol !

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