11 January 2012

Create Unlimited Virtual Drives in your Computer

Today i'm going to share a simple and may b an obsolete trick..
So today i will tell you all how to make your own drive on your System.

... To have one simply follow these steps:-
Step 1:Go to c drive, type cd c: (or any another drive from which you want to create new drive)

Step 2:Create a new folder say kvgroup (it is your directory to where your data will be stored from virtual drive)

Step 3:Go to command prompt and type subst z: c:\kvgroup
(z: is the name of new drive, c:\kvgroup is the location and name of the directory you created in Step 2.)
same way you can create lots of drives for any folder if you want... 
To remove the virtual drive

go to command prompt and type

subst z: /d

1 comment :

  1. very nice trick....i done successfully...
    thanking kvGroup


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