07 June 2015

IP Messenger not working in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - IP Messenger error in create_lock_file errno : -11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) [Solved]

After installing IP Messenger in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. If you launch the application it will show below error:

Can not setup lock file:/tmp/g2ipmsg.lock errno : -11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)

But, if you run below command you can see ip-messenger process is already running:

ravi@dell:~$ ps -e | grep "ipmsg"
9266 ? 00:02:33 g2ipmsg

That means, after process is running its just not showing in notification area, and so If i try to re-launch Ip Messenger from dock, its showing error because .lock file is already created at /tmp/g2ipmsg.lock by previous process and its being used.

There something to do with gnome notification panel for allowing ip-messenger icon to appear behind system clock. For many similar application there is same solution like for skype (You need to allow gnome indicator to show skype icon.) But same solution doesn't work for IP Messenger.

Below are two solutions worked for me:

1. Wine

Install wine to run IPMsg.exe on ubuntu. But it has a problem while transferring files. Ubuntu system can only receive files form IPMsg if its running using wine. While sending files from Ubuntu to Windows based IPMsg it will show 0KB file size and it will not allow you to receive any files.

So if you are just looking for non-file transfer solution. Just install wine and run IPMsg.exe.

2. iptux (Preffered solution)

This is the solution I've used finally. Installed iptux in my ubuntu system and its all working now. I can send files to windows users who are using IPMsg.exe.

    $ sudo apt-get install iptux

    Sending file from IPMsg (Windows system) to iptux(Ubuntu system)

    Receiving file at iptux (Ubuntu system)

    Update: Sometimes iptux also unable to send file from Linux system to any other. In such case please try transferring directory instead files. It works.

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