25 February 2016

[Latest] Install Android 6 - Marshmallow on Sony Xperia L, Z | Samsung | Any Mobile

I'm presenting here few basic steps to install latest Android 6 - Marshmallow developer preview on Sony Xperia L (Device code Taoshan)

Same steps works for Sony Xperia Z and Samsung mobiles with high configuration.

Disclaimer: kvGropu4all. is not responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by a following guide. Any action you do for your Android device must be done only under your responsibility. Unlocking bootloader and rooting device voids warranty of your device. Please take backup of your "all important data" before proceeding with any steps. Because it will completely wipe your personal data from internal storage.

1. Unlock bootloader - if not already unlocked.

First of all you need to have boot loader unlocked for your device.
Follow this official guide to unlock bootloader

I prefer Official Guide to unlock bootloader

2. Root your device.
After unlocking bootloeader you have to root your phone and install any recovery manager. I prefer CWM (ClockworkMod)

Download this zip. and extract on your windows pc. Make sure you have drivers installed and connected phone with good USB cable. (In most cases failure happens with damaged USB cables)

Run install.bat

it will detect your connected phone and install CWM Recovery and Root your device.

After restart you may want to verify root access. Just install come root checker (lot of available on play store, just install any one and check it).

3. Installing Android 6 - Marshmallow on Sony Xperia

Download Android 6 - Marshmallow (initial release) and GoogleApps Package for Android 6 Marshmallow, and copy to your memory card so that we can install from it.

Step 1: Go to Recovery mode- on Xperia L to go to recovery mode, you need to power off phone first. Then press power button and then press Volume Up button for few times (until it vibrates phone two-three times). There you are, it will present you with CWM Recovery manager.

Step 2: Once in CWM Recovery, choose “wipe data/factory reset”.  This will erase all of your settings, apps, app data, and everything except for your personal photos, videos, and files in your internal storage.  (Does not touch external storage.)

(This step is optional if you are installing a custom ROM that is based on the same/newer firmware but I usually recommend to do it unless you are installing an updated version of the same ROM you are running.)

Step 3: Go back to main menu and choose “install zip”.

Step 4: Choose “choose zip from /sdcard” or “choose zip from /external_sd” depending on where you put your ROM zip files.  (/sdcard = internal storage, /external_sd = microSD card)

Step 5: Next browse your file system and file the ROM zip file you want to install and install it.

Step 6: Similarly install gapps (GoogleApps) package from external card.

Step 7: Reboot your phone.

Step 8: Keep clam, first reboot may take up to 10 minutes (yeah, its too much, but it took that for me at-least) - If you got into bootloop, don't worry, just reboot into recovery and do clean cache and clean dalvik cache.

Step 9: Hurry, you are now enjoying Android 6 - Marshmallow on your Sony Xperia L.

For more details and any issues visit: [XDA Developers Thread]

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